Art classes for children

Last year we received many messages from you regarding the prospect of organizing art classes for children. We know how important art  is for the youth and the role it plays when we begin to discover our passions, style and personality. Art education requires a lot of empathy and a safe environment for expression.

Finally, we are glad to announce our newest art course program dedicated to children. For starters, we did not want to limit ourselves (and the children) to a single artistic domain, since we are dealing with the age of curiosity, but also of uncertainty. That’s why we launched a program of Decorative Arts for Children, which includes three workshops: linocut, embroidery and watercolor painting. Over the course of three weekends, children have the opportunity to explore various creative techniques and areas and to broaden their knowledge and art skills. Depending on how these introductory workshops will be perceived, we can go further and organize specialized courses in different art fields.

The lecturer of Decorative Arts for Children is Ștefania Cățiu. Ștefania is a botanical artist, member of the Romanian Society of Botanical Artists, and her training includes numerous courses with internationally renowned artists, such as Irina Neacșu (RO), Mary Dillon (IE), Anita Walsmit Sachs (NL). In addition, Ștefania is a self-taught embroidery artist and an advocate for a multidisciplinary approach in education, as a path to inventiveness and creativity.

Before discovering her passion for botanical art and making her way into creative entrepreneurship, Stefania used to work as an accountant. However, throughout her life, she constantly engaged in volunteering programs for children, and her experience in the field has been instrumental in launching our art classes for children.

We are happy to have her in our team and we invite you to meet her at Cembra!