Space Access Brasov

  • IN Atelier, Poarta Schei street, No. 6, Brașov, Brașov County
  • Tuesday-Friday: 12.00-20.00 I Saturday: 9.00-15.00


If you want to create your own work, but the lack of space is killing your creativity, you can use our facilities by buying a studio pass for our studio in Brașov. Or maybe you`d wish to offer a studio pass as a very special present to someone who wants to start painting, or to travel to Brașov for a creative break. By using our space, you agree with our terms and policies. Each studio pass gets you access to all facilities, during opening hours. To avoid the overcrowding of the space, we kindly suggest you to let us know the time frames you`d wish to use it, so we can schedule all participants accordingly. Please do not forget to bring your own materials.

According to your time frame and the amount of work you want to do, you can choose one of the following options

  • 5 days pass – 70 euro valid for six months
  • 1 month pass – 140 euro

The studio is open Tuesday-Friday, 12am-8pm, Saturday 9am-3pm.

A Studio Pass gives you access to the working space and kitchen. Upon request, we can arrange for you to have an easel and table place at disposal, as well as storage for your materials.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Ne bucurăm să te întâmpinăm la Atelier Irina Neacsu în Brașov cu o varietate de cursuri creative, alături de obiecte de design și lucrări originale marca Irina Neacșu, într-o ambianță relaxantă și inspirațională. De asemenea, te invităm să ne urmărești și în locații partenere din București și nu numai.

Illustration Workshop with Mary Dillon 2100 LEI
2021-11-18, Atelier Irina Neacsu, Poarta Schei 6, Brașov SIGN UP
Landscape Design Course – Module II / II 4500 LEI
2022-01-31, Atelier Irina Neacșu, Poarta Schei Street No. 6, Brașov SIGN UP
Landscape Design Course – Module I / II 3000 LEI
2021-10-25, Atelier Irina Neacșu, Poarta Schei Street No. 6, Brașov SIGN UP