Floral design and flower painting summer school

  • Irina Neacsu Studio, str. Poarta Schei 6, Brașov
  • Monday- Friday, 2 August-6 August, 10.00-17.00
  • Craft material are included
  • Tutors: Mihaela Pipo și Irina Neacșu
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • The summer school is dedicated to anyone regarding the experience, minimum age required is 14 years old


This August we gladly welcome you at our Floral design and flower painting -summer school, dedicated to floral designing with Mihaela Pipo.

Course introduction and structure

We focus on locally found raw material and we take our time to walk up the hill, to observe and understand the plants around us. We talk about the fantastic resources surrounding us and how to use them in a sustainable and responsible way to create floral decors. The most interesting part of our course is that you will be studying alongside  two lectors, Mihaela Pipo and Irina Neacșu- specialist in botanical art. While Mihaela will teach you about different techniques in floral design, Irina will support the received information with knowledge about color, composition and painting studies based on the subjects you have chosen. The course takes place daily between 10.00 and 17.00 with a one hour lunch break.


Course schedule

Day 1: trip on the hill for observing and understanding the flowers. You will work at your own herbarium, as well as picking up materials for the following days. Lunch picnic is included.

Day 2: historic perspective over floral art, emphasizing the simbolistics, composition and flamand school. Classic floral design composition and miniature oil painting.

Day 3: the bouquet- 2 techniques, impresionism oil painting

Day 4: kenzan and linocut- stylizing techniques in floral design and visual art

Day 5: floral installation, group project


Craft materials are available in the studio, as well as laptops for research purpose.

Tuition fee: 500 euro


*Daily lunch break for one hour. Lunches can be organized by using the kitchen facilities at the studio, take away or nearby restaurants.

** Accommodation and meals are not included.


Find out more about the course’s lectors:

Mihaela- Mihaela Pipo

Irina- irinaneacsu.com

You can see more about the summer schools HERE

2.300,00 RON



Ne bucurăm să te întâmpinăm la Atelier Irina Neacsu în Brașov cu o varietate de cursuri creative, alături de obiecte de design și lucrări originale marca Irina Neacșu, într-o ambianță relaxantă și inspirațională. De asemenea, te invităm să ne urmărești și în locații partenere din București și nu numai.

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