Interior design summer school

  • Irina Neacsu Studio, str. Poarta Schei 6, Brașov
  • Monday-Friday, 12-16 July, 10.00-17.00
  • Craft materials are available at the studio
  • Lector: Alexandra Stamate- Jooca Studio
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • The summer school is dedicated to anyone regarding the experience, minimum age required is 14 years old


Interior Design Summer School
This intensive course has the purpose of immersing you into the very complex world of an interior designer, as well as understanding all the steps of a project, and where are the challenges and satisfactions come from in a successful design.
There are two parts, one which contains the theory where we learn about the essentials of a good design, and the second one, which is the practical one, in which we will make a mini-design project for a two-roomed flat.
Day 1
Part 1. Opening: the purpose of the course, learning intentions.
Introduction in Design: what it is and what it’s not interior design? About myths, essential and all the facets of this job. Why do you think the interior design is suited for you?
Part 2. The steps of a Interior design project
Knowing your client. Which questions to ask so that you can tell its story?
Day 2
Part 1. About functionality and ingeniosity: design rules and principles, dimensioning and ergonomy, visual tricks for spatial improvement, combinations and colors effects.
If all these knowledges are correctly applied they can build the structure of a good design
Part 2. Mini design project START: defining the client’s brief and working on the spatial planning of the flat; we establish the functions, the client’s needs, the pluses and minuses of the space and find the best way of organising and furnishing reported to the space and the brief
Day 3
Part 1. The design Concept. Where do we get inspired from ? How do we use our client’s story in the concept?
Styles and trends in the actual interior design : color palette, textures and materials, statement furniture parts
Part 2: The design moodbboars, we will create an image collage which will portray our projects concept as well as the story of our client; this explains the vibe we have in our project and will lead us to the right direction of the interior design.
Day 4
Part 1: About furniture and finishing. About basic and innovative materials. Where are they used and how do we install them. Costs and the relation between price and durability.
Light design: types of lightinghow to create a correct lighting how to create different iluminting scenaries, the light temperature and its importance, laps types, statement lighting fixtures.
Part 2: Detailing our mini-design project: synergy between the plane, brief, moodboard, of concept and our client’s story; how do we transpose our concept into realityhow do we choose the right materials and furniture
Part 1: Biofilic and sustainable design. About decluttering and less is better. How do we guide our client to heathier and more sustainable choices.
Part 2: Finalizing and presenting our mini design projects
Questions and feedback session.


Crafting materials are available in the studio. There will be laptops availalbe for participants research work.

Tuition fee: EUR 320


*Daily lunch break for one hour. Lunches can be organized by using the kitchen facilities at the studio, take away or nearby restaurants.

** Accommodation and meals are not included.

Find out more about the course lecturers:

Alexandra Stamate- Jooca Studio

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1.600,00 RON



Ne bucurăm să te întâmpinăm la Atelier Irina Neacsu în Brașov cu o varietate de cursuri creative, alături de obiecte de design și lucrări originale marca Irina Neacșu, într-o ambianță relaxantă și inspirațională. De asemenea, te invităm să ne urmărești și în locații partenere din București și nu numai.

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