Irina Neacsu is a multi-disciplinary architect and botanical artist of American Society of Botanical Artists, who`s work focuses on visual and applied art that recall the beauty, simplicity and elegance of nature. Her main interest evolves around botanical science and art, and includes illustration and painting from naturalistic to abstract, textile design and accessories for home and deco, customized furniture and design, artist` books and illustrated books.

Her work has been published worldwide, and exhibited in prestigious international events, such as I Saloni Milano, Maison&Objet Paris, Florence Design Week, Ljubljana Design Week, Bucharest and Cluj Romanian Design Week, and galleries in The Emirates, Lebanon, Italy and UK. Irina graduated the architecture school in Bucharest and the art school in Rome, and she has a vast experience of nearly 10 years of teaching art and design to different levels of interest.

Her approach focuses both on technique and media, but mostly on encouraging students to find and develop their own style, as a way of expressing emotions and of emphasizing their most powerful creative skills.

Therefore, art courses with Irina will flow through botanical inspiration, personal research, visualization challenges, skill learning, conceptualization and creation, opening new paths of understanding art as an inner language.

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Botanical art summer school: Flora&Form 9 200 €
23/08/2021, Monday- Friday 10.00-17.00 Irina Neacsu Studio, str. Poarta Schei 6 , Brasov SIGN UP
Autumn retreat at Viscri- Landscape art 600 €
15/10/2021, Friday- Monday 08.00- 19.00 Viscri125 SIGN UP
Botanical art retreat at Viscri 550 €
25/05/2021, Tuesday 17.00- Friday 14.00 Viscri125 SIGN UP