Illustration Course – Module II / II

  • Physical attendance in Brașov & online, on Zoom.
  • March 2022 - June 2022
  • Tutors: Irina Neacșu & special guests
  • Group: 10 students + 5 scholarships
  • Included>:
    • the necessary materials for our workshops
  • Module I and module II of this illustration course can be taken individually, but the admission to module II requires the graduation of module I or a relevant portfolio. The illustration course is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of National Education, and the diploma is awarded only to those who have completed the full course. The minimum level of access to the course is for high school graduates with a baccalaureate diploma.


Module II of this illustration course is designed for the experienced who want to deepen their knowledge in the field. The assignments are customized in such a way that students can pursue their favorite themes and styles.  

The course has a multidisciplinary approach, following the applications of illustration in various fields ranging from children’s literature to editorials and advertising campaigns.

Duration: 16 weeks of learning + 1 week of vacation


  • 2300 euros, payable in two installments
  • 2000 euros, payable in one installment, at the beginning of the course

If you wish to enroll in Module I, click here.


Week 1 (Workshops): March 3-6

Technique: freedom of choice 

Tutor: to be confirmed


  • Children’s book illustration, by age segments, focus on character construction and the development of an individual style.
  • Techniques for detail elaboration, chromatics and balance between text and image.
Week 2 (Zoom): March 8, 19.00-21.00

Children’s book industry in Romania: Expectations vs. Reality

Week 3 (Workshops): March 17-20

Technique: freedom of choice

Tutor: To be confirmed


  • Adult book illustration, with emphasis on symbol
  • Image in relation to text, graphic style, personal approach
Week 4 (Zoom): March 22, 19.00-21.00

The bookstore, the book cover and the readers. 

Week 5 (Workshops): March 31 – April 3

Technique: freedom of choice

Tutor: to be confirmed


  • Illustration for advertising campaigns and animations
Week 6 (Workshops): April 7-10

Technique: freedom of choice

Tutor: to be confirmed


  • Illustration for magazines, publications, event posters.
Week 7 (Zoom): April 12, 19.00-21.00

Marketing and communication for illustrators.

Week 8 (Zoom): April 19, 19.00-21.00

Copyright and legal issues in the profession of an illustrator.

Week 9 (Workshops): May 5-8

Technique: freedom of choice 

Tutor: Irina Neacșu & a special guest (expert in biology)


  • Botany for artists, scientific illustration and detailed representation in monochrome techniques
Week 10 (Zoom): May 10, 19.00-21.00

The printed art industry.

Week 11 (Workshops): May 19-22

Technique: freedom of choice

Tutor: Irina Neacșu & a Zoom guest


  • Botanical illustration and naturalistic representations of plants, in polychrome techniques
Week 12 (Zoom): May 24, 19.00-21.00

The art market.

Week 13 (Workshops): June 2-5

Technique: freedom of choice

Tutors: Irina Neacșu & guest Zoom


  • Project launch and individual guidance.
  • There will be a common theme assigned to the final project, but it allows for individual approaches depending on the interest of each student.
  • Concept and image outline, research and the elaboration of the working method are the basis of the further development during this last stage.
Week 14 (Zoom): June 7, 19.00-21.00

Project revisions.

Week 15 (Zoom): June 14, 19.00-21.00

Project revisions. 

Week 16 (Workshops): June 23-26

Tutor: Irina Neacșu


  • Final revisions, adjustments and completion of the project. The final presentation is held in front of a commission of specialists in the field of art and illustration.


Total working time: 176 hours of practice

Total theory time: 16 hours of presentations

Time for individual study: 96 hours of reading and completing projects

* For safety reasons, all participants must present the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in order to gain access to the workshops. We do not take into consideration negative tests or proof of illness. Thank you for understanding!

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