Static nature study – it is recommended as a model 3-5 fruits or vegetables, with different sizes, colors and textures. Their complexity will be choosen according to the level of each student.

For example: peach, kapia pepper, walnut, onion, corn.

In this study we learn ways to render colors and textures in graphite, by handling texture.

We also learn about complex ways of organizing a composition and about golden rules. This study material will also include two special sections, “tips&tricks” in volume construction, and “dos&don’s” in the general development of the drawing, from line to special effects.


  1. Buy the product following the form.
  2. You will receive in the course of 5 working days, the study material in PDF format on the email address sent in the purchase form. The course can be printed(A4 format) or can be used digitally,and will serve as a manual for this first study.
  3. Within one month(30 days) from buying the product, you can send the completed work – scanned or photographed on email, at, and receive a complet feedback.


In the PDF material you will find a list of recommendations for the materials needed for the drawing.

This study lasts between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the drawing, and the skill of the learner.






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