Drawing for botanical illustration – home assessment no.3

  • Tutor: Irina Neacșu - designer and botanical artist, member of RSBA and ASBA (irinaneacsu.com)
  • The course addresses drawing techniques for beginner-level and intermediate students.


Flower study: It is recommended as a model 3-4 flowers of the same species, ideal in different flowering stages. If the studied flower is in the pot, the same flower can be used, seen, in turn from different angles – if the flower is NOT perishable(example: orchids, anthurium).

In this study we learn the construction of a complex volume, step by step. Also, we will study notions of finesse of the composition, how to emphasize a certain point of focus and how to pay attention to the “negative” space of a composition. In this study we meet the first notions of perspective. Finally, we learn how to keep a graphite drawing, under optimal conditions, until a possible framing.


  1. Buy the product following the form.
  2. You will receive in the course of 5 working days, the study material in PDF format on the email address sent in the purchase form. The course can be printed(A4 format) or can be used digitally,and will serve as a manual for this first study.
  3. Within one month(30 days) from buying the product, you can send the completed work – scanned or photographed on email, at contact@irinaneacsu.com, and receive a complet feedback.


In the PDF material you will find a list of recommendations for the materials needed for the drawing.

This study lasts between 5 and 10 hours, depending on the complexity of the drawing, and the skill of the learner.

150,00 RON


Our workshops and courses focus on the study and research of natural subjects through various disciplines, such as botanical art and flower design, landscape design, cyanotype, linocut, ink and textile dye. In forms of short workshops, distance learning, summer schools, art retreats and long term courses, our tutors aim to investigate creative explorations and authentic approaches of urban and wild nature.

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