Autumn retreat at Viscri- Landscape art

  • Viscri125
  • Friday- Monday, 15-18 October, 8.00-19.00
  • Lectors: Irina Neacșu, Miruna Popa, Andreea Tron, Oana Manole
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • The workshop is dedicated to the ones passioned about oil painting, botany an textile art regardless their knowledge leve;


Autumn retreat at Viscri- Landscape art

Course introduction

Accepting and embracing change- is the intention we came with for our autumn retreat dedicated to landscape and activities that encourage reconnecting and personal identification with the scenery, the seasons change, the impermanence and chromatic fullness at this time of the year.

We are returning at Viscri at our Host, Viscri 125. This time we are going with a longer weekend so that we can organize a creative and varied schedule which comes together with some very special lecturers. Even though our main activity is landscape painting en plein air, oil on canvas, the four days at Viscri are going to let you experience unique moments which complement painting in the meaning of reconnecting to the surroundings.

Course Schedule


Check in at lunch- lunch included- 13.00

15.00-18.00- Impressionism style landscape painting, oil on canvas, in the garden, lecturer: Irina Neacsu

19.00- dinner


8.00-9.00- breakfast

10.00- 13.00- first session of classicism landscape painting, oil on canvas, on the hill, lecturer: Irina Neacsu

13.00- 14.00- lunch

15.00-17.00- second session of classicism landscape painting, oil on canvas, on the hill, lecturer: Irina Neacsu


19.00- dinner


8.00- 9.00- breakfast

10.00- 13.00- Foraging shift „ From miniature to panoramic” with Miruna Popa- biologist, microlog, in biochemistry

13.00-14.00- lunch

15.00-17.00- ecoprint workshop with Andreea Tron- architect and textile designer 17.00-19.00- Gin tasting

19.00- dinner


8.00-9.00 – breakfast and check out

10.00- 13.00 – yoga with Oana Manole

13.00-14.00- lunch


Tuition fee: 600 Eur

*the price includes accommodation for single, all the meals during the stay, lecturers and all the supplies for the course. For double pack accommodation option, please write us so that we can give more details.


Don’t know what to choose? A retreat, a summer school or maybe a qualified course? Follow the articles from the blog for more ideas.

3.000,00 RON



Ne bucurăm să te întâmpinăm la Atelier Irina Neacsu în Brașov cu o varietate de cursuri creative, alături de obiecte de design și lucrări originale marca Irina Neacșu, într-o ambianță relaxantă și inspirațională. De asemenea, te invităm să ne urmărești și în locații partenere din București și nu numai.

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