Botanical Illustration – Watercolor

  • The Eight House, Gen. Constantin Cristescu Street, No. 8, Bucharest
  • Saturday, July 15th, 10.00 - 14:00
  • Materials included for workshops
  • Lecturer: Irina Neacșu - architect, Botanical illustration and applied art artist ASBA (
  • Group: 10 students
  • Included:
    • snacks
    • water, tea and coffee
  • The workshop it's dedicated to beginner and medium students in crayon and watercolor.


The workshop plans on learning the Botanical Illustration from the unit to details, from naturalistic drawing and watercolor painting to stylization. Thusly, course classes are devoted to drawing and watercolor as realistic rendering techniques of the botanical model. The study represents an exercise throuh which is practiced observation, discovering the absolute geometry of plants, identifing details and miniature textures. Small technique’s secrets are part of the exercise. Everyting takes place in the atmosphere of the Eight House, which always invites its visitors to creation.

The class is part of the 15th-16th July Weekend Workshops, so that you can join on Sunday the “Botanical Illustration – Lino Cut” workshop.

Price 38 euro / 170 ron 

Saturday 10.00-14.00 – watercolor for botanical painting, techniques for realistic renderings, mediums and additives, special effects 

170,00 RON



Our workshops and courses focus on the study and research of natural subjects through various disciplines, such as botanical art and flower design, landscape design, cyanotype, linocut, ink and textile dye. In forms of short workshops, distance learning, summer schools, art retreats and long term courses, our tutors aim to investigate creative explorations and authentic approaches of urban and wild nature.

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