Terrarium Art Workshop with Alexandra Damian (Crearium)

  • Irina Neacșu Studio, Poarta Schei Nr. 6, Brașov
  • 11:00-14:00
  • All art supplies included.
  • Tutor: Alexandra Damian, floral designer, founder of Crearium
  • Group: 10 people


Why do we love terrariums? Because they’re an expression of a self-sustaining plant micro-universe. Once assembled, terrariums grow and last for years with minimal human intervention. Come and discover the art of combining the right species of plants and mineral elements with this terrarium art workshop, held by Alexandra Damian, creator of Crearium. “Terrariums are not just decorative elements designed to embellish a space, but miniature gardens, where aesthetics are combined with the science of plant care and an elaborate arrangement technique,” says Alexandra.


If you miss nature wandering, but the routine and life of the city does not allow for such escapades, join this workshop and find a refuge in the miniature gardens, accessible anytime. Here, each participant will learn how to assemble their own terrarium and they get to keep it at the end of the workshop.


All necessary materials are included in the price.


Price: 400 RON (80 EUR)

** Refundable cancellations are accepted no later than 2 days before the workshop.

400,00 RON

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Our workshops and courses focus on the study and research of natural subjects through various disciplines, such as botanical art and flower design, landscape design, cyanotype, linocut, ink and textile dye. In forms of short workshops, distance learning, summer schools, art retreats and long term courses, our tutors aim to investigate creative explorations and authentic approaches of urban and wild nature.

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