Diana Codrean and landscape design course

Landscape and garden design at Cembra.

By the end of July, at Cembra we had Landscape and garden design Summer School held by the architect Diana Codrean. An intensive summer experience at Brasov, having as main theme the garden, the summer school was just a small preview fo the long term certified course(9 months), which will start this October. In this manner, we want to share with you some words and some pictures about Diana and the first didactic project held by Cembra as well as some insights about our future course!


Diana Codrean

She has a doubled specialization, as an architect and landscape designer. After a complex experience working in Ireland, she returned o Romania in 2020, in Oradea to be specific, where she practices landscape design and where she takes care of a new and dear project, the Hydrangea farm.

Diana Codrean at Cembra Garden Design Summer School 2021

„ Nature in her genuine form was always my friend: either talking about the weekly picnic in the forest or running barefoot on the meadows nearby the village where my grandparents were living, bathing in a willow oasis with the kids from the village, all these are what define me as a landscape designer. I realized it quite early that even if the creative ego and the pragmatic one were having a close fight, the creative one was usually the winner. I couldn’t find my way so early but i definitely started with fashion designs ( i was somewhere around 10 yo), then of course the drawing classes and manual labor were my favorites. This impulse grew bigger at the geometry classes and it didn’t take long till i had it clearly contoured in my mind that architecture is my way. But guess what, i was a student in the 3rd year and i couldn’t understand why every time, the „celebrity” was the building itself. Of course the story is longer , certain is that even though i was attracted by some classes about public spaces, i decided to sign in at landscape design, because after all what you are can’t stand just for yourself all the time. And for me it started to become clearly and clearly that i was a landscape designer. To complete the story, where could i feel more like myself than in the country of green fairy tale-like sceneries? In 2017 i moved to Ireland , where a good amount of my time was filled with exploring the natural heritages which were completely out of this world and so my career as a landscape designer started to ascend: here, i was doing everything i dreamed that this job would be about: urban design, landscape architecture , planting design and all of these in public and private spaces. Now, with this boost of change, I came back home where I hope and dream on having the same impact. The strategical plan is simple: the more i get the possibility to pass on what i know, the more the image of the architectural landscape, the urban scenery from Romania will transform into what my little kid mind saw as a fairy tale: hills full of flowers, forests with crocuses and berries, grandparent’s scented flower gardens, the elder flowers, the little house from the walnut tree.

The summer school

It lasted 5 days and it contained the practical as well as the theoretical parts. The participants had a rich introduction into what garden design means and learned how to approach a project from the first measurements. And of course you can’t learn a whole profession in 5 days and so the participants that took part at the summer school can continue with the certified course will have these classes counted as a part from the long term course


The certified course

  • Starts at in the middle of October
  • Is splitted into two modules: The 1st MODULE- October-January(12 weeks-650 EUR that can be paid tn 2 tranches or 610 EUR paid at the beginning of the course) and the 2nd MODULE- February-June( 16 weeks- 980 EUR that can be paid in 2 tranches or 916 EUR at the beginning of the course)
  • It has hybrid shape, with one intensive monthly weekend meeting at Brasov( every 2nd weekend on the month), and 3 weekly meetings on Zoom every month.
  • The course ends with an exam, after which the graduates will get a certified landscape florist designer diploma
  • The course will be held by the holder lector(Diana) alongside with the invited lectors, covering this way the important and useful information from the main subject- landscape design– as well as the related specialties, as marketing, ecology, legislation, architecture.
  • By the first module, the projects are dafter manually as well as digitally for beginners level, and the second module includes a computer aided-design workshop.


Can be made by email, at contact@cembraartschool.com

More details about Diana you can find here.