Why choose an art retreat?

You don’t need experience, just a little bit of curiosity to explore the world differently. This is the idea behind an art retreat organized by Cembra Art School. The concept we propose aims to introduce students to subjects such as drawing, painting, calligraphy, design or botanical illustration, over the course of several days spent in unique rural locations that stimulate creativity and the artistic spirit.

The beautiful thing about an art retreat, though, is that it is not limited to the foray into method. We go further and encourage those who want to learn something new to participate, as well as those who have experience in painting, drawing or other related fields, but lack inspiration or desire a short and refreshing change of scenery. 

retreat de arta

Thus, an art retreat can originate many beautiful stories, not only around the process of artistic creation, but also about wandering, returning, and redefining yourself in relation to time and space. If you don’t feel ready or you’re not quite sure it suits you, we would like to give you a five reasons why an art retreat might be the perfect choice for you!

1. Escape into nature 

Most retreats are planned for small groups, in intimate rural locations, that still carry an aura of candor and harmony of the whole. They are designed as small enclaves in the midst of a restless life full of random fragments, where the light settles gentler over things. Thus, the work style is synchronised with the cycle of nature, and the participants are guided to find their personal voice while approaching the general topics.

2. A safe space for experimenting 

With us, in order to experiment, all that is needed is intentionality. It’s about being present, body and mind. The art retreat outlines a place of collaboration, as lecturers have the opportunity to adapt their working method to the profile of the participants, who, in turn, can share their ideas and test their intuitions freely, without external pressures. We do not want to limit ourselves, by delivering technical details about the creative process only. Instead, we try to perpetuate a model of adaptation to the environment that involves more empathy and passion for beauty. 

3. A sense of community through art 

The work of an artist often involves isolating themselves in the studio, in order to access that prolific contemplative state. In essence, it is a ritual of self-dialogue, but before getting to the process of creation itself, inspiration and ideas are born in relation with the outside world. Sometimes it’s hard to acquire a sense of belonging to a community, when people around you 

move in such different directions. A retreat brings together people with artistic and cultural affinities and creates the possibility of consolidating connections beyond the program itself. 

4. A calm and authentic documentation of the world 



…All happening in a slow-paced manner, starting from the details we once forgot to observe. The concept of nature immersion to find inner calm is not new to anyone, regardless of profession and passion. Maybe art is just a therapeutic exercise for you, or maybe you practice it at a more advanced level. In either way, an art retreat can help you create a clearer mental space and provide you with the right tools to attain a more sincere dialogue with yourself and others. 

5. An infusion of art in the details of life 

Think of a retreat as a holiday, where every point on your itinerary is planned to give you an art-infused experience of the places you stop by. In addition to the actual workshops, you will get a taste of the local specialties, you will enjoy walks in nature, you will meet the locals and their stories, and you will learn how to give them all a shape in your artistic imagination. 

These are just some of the lessons we learned at Viscri this spring, where we had our last art retreat. Finally, we believe that a retreat should be a gentler way to enter the world of art, for those who are still finding their courage, but also a unique experience, of reconnecting to a forgotten reality.

We accept and embrace change

retreat arta botanica viscri

Now, we are slowly preparing for a new botanical art retreat under the tutelage of Cembra, in October. We will return to Viscri, bearing the same enthusiasm in our hearts and a desire to accumulate unique stories. The workshops are set in a chromatic ambiance of transition from raw greenery to warm autumn tones. Accepting and embracing change is the topic we will address during our four-day stay at Viscri.

Our lecturers will be Irina Neacșu (painting) and Andreea Tron (ecoprint), and the special guests who will join us are Oana Manole (yoga instructor) and Miruna Popa (biologist, our field guide into plant identification). The main activity is oil painting, but the workshops integrate different forms of knowledge driven by the beautiful natural sceneries around Viscri.

Irina Neacșu is a botanical designer and artist, with a multidisciplinary portfolio ranging from painting and graphics to interior design. Irina has extensive experience in teaching art, at all levels of training, and her workshops will propose nature as a starting point for reflection, and various styles of representation.

Andreea Tron specializes in textile design and is an adept of traditional dyeing and imprinting techniques using plants. Andreea will teach us sustainable methods of textile printing, using natural pigments from plants collected on site, while cultivating the care and respect for nature.

We still have a few available tickets for our autumn retreat at Viscri and we strongly encourage to come and meet us! You can find more details about the retreat and the enrollment process, by clicking here.